March 12, 2014

​Three-Minute Program to Air Monday Through Friday Focusing on ‘Bringing Every Thought Captive’

​Dr. Richard Land, will be featured in a new, daily three-minute radio program beginning March 17 and airing on several local radio stations.The new radio program “Bringing Every Thought Captive” will air Monday through Friday and will feature Dr. Land as he speaks about faith issues and how they relate to current events.

The radio program was conducted by Richard Land which was live from 2002 to 2012.Land is the chief executive editor of The Christian Post. He conducted two minutes national level radio program in order to bring the captive thought. He read here the current events and grabbed people’s attention through his headlines and got fame and Christian faith.

The radio program conducted by Land, addressed many controversial issues. He had the capacity to handle all the issues and expressed them in the right way by saying the right things. It is considered as a gift for him. The NRB president and CEO Johnson remarked his commentary by saying that he is very happy to hear his distinctive voice again. Websites are available to know about the complete list of stations.

“Southern Evangelical Seminary’s first and foremost charge is to help shape young minds into intelligent apologists who can defend their faith in society,” Land said. “‘Bringing every thought captive’, as commanded in 2 Corinthians 10:5, is the basis of apologetics—taking every thought and observation we have in today’s world and seeing it through the lens of a biblical worldview. We look forward to giving listeners – young and mature alike – a chance to think about everyday topics in a new way through this daily radio commentary.”

“Bringing Every Thought Captive” will air at 8:25 a.m. EST during morning drive time, immediately following “Back to the Bible” (originally hosted by Dr. Woodrow Kroll and now hosted by Dr. John Munro, Senior Pastor of Calvary Church in Charlotte) on WHVN 1240 AM and 104.3 FM in Charlotte, as well as WCGC Radio 1270 AM in Belmont, N.C., and WTIX-AM 1410 in Concord, N.C.  The program will also be streamed online at, and air again at 5:55 p.m. following the popular syndicated broadcast of “Love Worth Finding” with Dr. Adrian Rogers.

“Bringing Every Thought Captive” will also be available for download at and podcast daily on the free SES mobile app.

Southern Evangelical Seminary Debuts Apologetics Radio Program Featuring Dr. Richard Land