July 18, 2011

Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, issued this statement in response to the erroneous claim found in the July 16 edition of the Wall Street Journal. The article, “Evangelicals Urge Perry to Enter Race,” stated Land has encouraged Texas Gov. Rick Perry to run for president and promises future “support.”

The governor of Texas, Rick Perry was accused by the Travis county jury. When i was reading this about in New York Times, I came to know that the first charge is for the threatening of the money funded for the public integrity. And the second charge was the coercion of the public servant. The third court of Teas has dismissed the indictment for both the charges. The supporters of Rick Perry believed that the charges are found to be weak and unwarranted. They said that court is the wrong place for the settlement of scores.

Perry went to the Travis county jail and in that place they had processes and then they have taken the fingerprint and then only he was released. Later, Perry within five days filed a case in Habeas corpus in Austin asking them to remove the charges put against him. A survey was conducted through the public policy polling after a week of indictment and the ratings which favors Perry was about seven percentages. Then third court of Texas has dismissed the abuse of coercion of public servant on the basis of first amendment of rights. The second charge was dismissed later by the court of criminal appeals.

In order to raise the fund for Perry, the political action committee sold the T-shirt printed with the Perry’s mug shot photo. This release of T-shirt went more viral and people began to give their own way o f touches and the added it to the social media.

“My position has always been if people feel they are led to run for President, then they ought to run,” Land said, reacting to the story. “Whether Gov. Perry runs or not is up to him and what his heart tells him to do. I’ve only had one conversation with Gov. Perry, and it did not include encouraging him to run.”

Regarding a future endorsement or future support, Land said, “I made it categorically clear to Mr. [Neil] King that I do not endorse candidates, and I have not and will not endorse Gov. Perry or any other candidate for that matter.”

Newspaper Gets Land’s Comments on Gov. Perry Wrong