1. Get more Leads:  You can get new business referrals from existing customers, suppliers, creditors, employees, etc.  Announce a small reward for those who bring new business contacts.  Thus people around you will be encouraged to bring business contacts.  You need not always depend upon these sources for leads.  You can get good leads in news papers, magazines or at the business meetings you attend.  For example, many people get to know good investing opportunities like Qprofit system only through online reviews.
  2. Good communication:  People who deal with customers in your business should speak more and speak well.  The salespersons are vital in closing a sale or spoiling the prospects.  Train them to be efficient and smart.  Ensure that they know the do’s and don’t’s. 
  3. Be the talk of the town like Qprofit system:  Engage in some promotional activity so that people keep talking about your business.  The marketing activities should be done smartly so that you tap the right customer at the right time.  For example, if you are placing your advertisement banner in areas where people keep moving busy and fast they tend to miss your ad.  Instead keep them in malls, theatres, beach restaurants, etc. where people spend more time in a relaxed manner.  Ensure that these promotional efforts do not eat your profits.
  4. Quick collection:  Ensure that you make the collections faster.  If your working capital is locked in the form of delayed collection, your profits would be lesser even if you make more sales. 
  5. Check with the quitters:  If a customer stops coming to you all of a sudden, get in touch with him.  Take a survey and find out what makes people quit your products.  You have to set these right as fast as possible to retain customers.  These days competition is very tough.  Similar products which are available at a better quality and lesser price can hamper your prospects.  So ensure that you always keep your products updated and perfectly priced like Qprofit system.
  6. Sack underperformers:  Let it be an employee or a customer or a supplier if he is constantly underperforming sack them.  This helps you to avoid a bad name.  On the other hand you can focus more on good customers and easily retain them.
  7. Bundling offers:  You can easily increase up to 10% of your sales by bundling your offers.  This increases customer satisfaction.  This is one of the reasons when people keep coming to buy again.
How To Earn More Profit In Your Business