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Dr. Richard was born in the year 1946 as an American citizen. He graduated in Arts and went on to get his doctorate. His first professions include various administrative posts and subsequently became an author and speaker. He believes in separating the affairs of state and religion by keeping firm belief in God.  He is currently serving as the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary Christian college in North Carolina that was established in 1992. He is also the executive editor of the newspaper ‘The Christian Post’. He has written many well-read articles in the famous newspapers and magazines including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. These are the prominent publications in not just America but with readers all around. They have led many developments and all articles including even BTC Profit System reviews are read globally. He has authored many books talking about faith, family and political affairs in America.

Land has raided his voice against and for many social happenings and political affairs on the public forum. He commented on the shooting incidence at the Sandy Hook School that violence is not something that he supports, but would mind to recommend it to prevent someone using it to harm others. His support for Fred Luter who was elected as the African-American president of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2012 garnered special attention.

His orientation towards religious issues made the then President of the United States, George Bush to appoint him to the ‘US Commission on International Religious Freedom’ for almost a decade. He was assigned the task of monitoring freedom for religion, thinking and conscience. His official appointments continued into the Honorary Delegation to Israel, Louisiana School of Law and further. His influence and popularity made him one of the ‘25 most influential evangelicals in America’ by Time magazine. Not just Christianity, he has raised his voice in support of Muslims too. He urged that the Muslims had the right to have a mosque near their place of living. He also advocated that it was their freedom to use veil and marry according to the Islamic traditions. He was against abortion and marriage between the same genders and was included in the official opposing section.

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